Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank You

As most of you know, I have recently finished my very first Deployment. I've been back State Side for roughly a month and a half now and I gotta say... it's been quite an adjustment. I usually really take time on writing my blogs on wanting to have it formatted a certain way but I'm going to go out on a limb and just go off of what the good Lord has put in my heart and just write from it.

Last year on my Birthday (April 24th 2011) was probably one of the worse days I've come across in life. I drove up to Alaska with one of my Best Friends (Ronnie Manansala), just got to a brand new state (though I feel like I'm in another country) not knowing ANYONE and Ronnie had to leave that Friday Night for an important family event. This year was something different because my Birthday fell on Easter Sunday that year but... I had no church to go to, no one to celebrate with, I was alone without any family or friends and received a phone call that very same day on how a good friend of mine from my ROTC Program which was one of my mentee's died. Two days later I received news that was... Well... Shocking to say the least. I met my Company Commander and was informed that I was going to be Deployed. April 26th 2011 hands down at that moment marked probably the darkest day of my life. All I could think is I'm moving to a completely new state to make a new place of living only to be told that I'm picking right back up and deploying within the next month. I'm not going to ramble on with the rest of the story (That's what my older blogs are for Lol) but this is just to give you the set up. Just a few pics to give you an idea of what I've done the past year...

My Medics 

In a Nutshell... What we did over the past 10 months

A Fellow Co-Worker and Sister in Christ

Our 1st Mission

One of the Local Nationals (Photographed by my PSG Tyvieo Woods)

Fast Forward to the present June 14th 2012 and here I stand a better and stronger man of GOD. I look back at the time I did in Afghanistan and I have to say the man upstairs used it to grow me in ways I could not POSSIBLY imagine. I have been asked on several occasions... "How did you get through it?! How did you handle everything?!" To answer your question... I really have no answer but to say "It was NOTHING SHORT of the GRACE OF ALMIGHTY GOD!" I will be honest and tell you that I had many more bad days than good however, the Lord used those challenging days to strengthen me and get me through the good ones. I look back and to this day I still have no idea how I got through it. I literally had to take on the challenge by handling it one day at a time and learned this Biblical Principle EXTREMELY fast.

Matthew 6:34

So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own

Between learning to deal with everything on a daily basis and having the strength of the good Lord himself in me, he also blessed me with a wonderful support system. From my Great Parents, Loving Sister, Phenomenal Girl Friend, Extended Family (Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins) and the Best Friends I could have and ask for, I say to you... "Thank You!"

My Family whom encouraged me on a weekly basis. Who heard me and embraced my frustration and continued to believe the VERY best in me. Thank You for your LOVE, support and Care Packages. I truly could not have asked for better parents and a better Sister that think so highly of me and continue to push me to be my very best at all times.

My Sweet Heart. Behind GOD and my Parents, she was a Rock throughout the whole 10 months I was Over Seas. Your motivation, encouragement and FAITH in me goes far beyond words. Thank You so very much Juby for giving me such HOPE in the midst of such a trying time. You are MY blessing and I thank our Heavenly Father for you.

Anneline, James, Ronnie and Monique (The Newest Member of our Family). I don't even know how to start on how to Thank You for what you've done and been a part of in my life. Thank You for being such wonderful Brothers and Sisters in Christ and constantly being there for me no matter how far the distance. Finding people like you in life only comes so often and I don't take it for granted so THANK YOU!

To Jordon and Ms. Kay Keys. No matter how long we go on through life, I know you guys will ALWAYS be there for me as you have. Thank you so much for your Prayers and support. I have sensed them from you guys since Day 1 and I appreciate it. LOVE you two so very much.

My Ate Lan & Queenie Mae. EVERY single conversation I have with you ladies is nothing short of a blessing. You guys have been so supportive and encouraging through such a difficult time and I am EXTREMELY grateful for such Women of GOD that hold great Wisdom and LOVE for others.

Ms. Cherylita a.k.a. Pretty Wings! Thank You so very much friend for your support and care packages which bought me much joy and laughter. Such a Joy to have you as a part of my life and I thank You for all you do.

My FBCV Fam. Man... You guys have absolutely NO IDEA the impact you hold in my life. It's already been a little over 4 years since I've known you guys and to say how Thankful I am to have come across you guys path does not even begin to express my gratitude. Thank You for your LOVE, Support, encouragement and ALWAYS believing and expecting the very best of me. 

And to the Infamous Chanelle Molina... I have not even met you, yet and I sense such support at such a distance which takes a gift. Thank You for pushing me to be the best and for sending me your treats! Lol As simplistic as it sounds, you have no idea how much that meant getting such things in the mail and that comes from the heart so I appreciate it so very much.

To anyone who has supported me, Thank You EVERYONE for ALL you have done for me the past year. You guys have no idea the impact you have established in my life and for that I am so grateful and can NOT thank our Heavenly Father enough for all you have done. You guys are my Blessing and I don't take anything and anyone of you for granted. Continue to be blessed all and know that I am here for every single one of you as you have been for me. To GOD BE THE GLORY!


  1. First to comment BOOYAH!~~~~

    I was just checking your blog the other day to see if you have updated. So happy to see you writing again. So so so proud of who you are in Christ. Couple of months ago you asked what GOD was doing in your life with all these changes and a deployment and if AK was even for you....hope he answered you :-). Love you tons!!!

    1. Thank You much Baby! He truly does make all things new in due time huh? The LORD is good indeed!!

  2. Aw, thanks for the shoutout, brother! I appreciate it and you! Definitely got your back, man. :) So glad to see you WRITING! I'm gonna link you on my and my sister's blog if that's ok! Let me know if it's not, I'll take it down!

    PS LOL @ Juby's "first to comment BOOYAH!" Hilarious! You guys are so adorable and inspiring, I swear! :D